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Officers Fall 2013

Student Branch Advisor

Dr. Fred Harris

Professor, Department of Computer Engineering


Hugo Mayoral

Manages all IEEE meetings and all other IEEE activities. Meets regularly with faculty advisor to organize/prepare for all IEEE events.

Vice Chair

Loren wooley

(Professional Development)

Coordinates all professional development activities and in charge of scheduling guest speakers. Assists in issues like sending maps and parking permits, and collecting bio-data of speakers. Collects address and bio information.


William Dorrance

Oversees financial aspects of all fundraising efforts. Also represents the IEEE at AESC meetings.


Cynthia Lopez

Documents meetings and events by photography. In charge of the IEEE display board.

Project Manager

Dustin wright

Manages and leads all projects conducted by the IEEE. Coordinates with engineering faculty to present special seminars throughout the semester.


Fadee Kannah

Designs and develops the IEEE website. Ensures that the site is well maintained and updated regularly.

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Why Join IEEE?

Learn About Industry Trends

Students involved in IEEE will learn about the latest industry trends each week in our speaker series. Working professionals give students insight on what is new and what jobs will be available now and in the future.

Network With Professionals

We have professionals come speak every week, giving students the chance to meet and network with individuals already working at companies such as Teradata, Qualcomm, SDG&E, and many more. This provides students with direct access to potential internship and other employment opportunities while allowing them to stand out from the crowd as a member of one of the most well known professional organizations.

Meet New People

Students get to know their peers better and form relationships with others pursuing majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Additionally, students can meet and talk to the professors that attend meetings every week; invaluable for an individual looking to excel in their major.

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