Thank you so much to everyone who attended our first ieee hackathon on 12/01/2017! A special thank you to Doug, Jim, Mike, Rohan, Minh and Ahn for helping us by volunteering as judges at our hackathon. All of them took time out of there busy day to lend us their wisdom and advice and help make our hackathon as SUCCESSFUL as it was. To all students who participated, thank you for coming out and challenging yourself and those around you. We hope to see everyone at our next hacathon in the near future!

The winners off our 2017 fall Hackathon was Legion! This team consisted of David , Marco, Sarah, and Sherveen. Thank you for your amazing inovation, creativity, and originality under the theme of time. We hope to see you again soon!

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1/27/2018:    Rocket Launch Controller test at Dart 8am-12pm. Click for more info here
12/01/2017:  IEEE Hackathon
10/17/2017:  Third General Body Meeting for Fall 2017
10/03/2017:  Second General Body Meeting for Fall 2017
9/30/2017:     IEEE Tailgate @ Qualcomm
9/16/2017:     IEEE Tailgate @ Qualcomm
9/12/2017:      First General Body Meeting for Fall 2017
03/18/2017:  SDSU Explore, we will be tabling at the event please stop by.
02/24/2017:  First Body Meeting for Spring 2017
10/22/2015:  Seminar by distinguished Lecturer: Paul Wesling [FLYER]
10/13/2015:  EE 210 Workshop
10/06/2015:  IEEE Day Celebration: On our sixth GBM, it was IEEE’s birthday, also known as IEEE Day.
09/25/2015:  Cogen Tour: For the fifth GBM, we arranged for two tours of the Cogen power plant right here on campus.
09/22/2015:  Dr. Chris Mi: Department chair Dr. Chris Mi gave a seminar on wireless power transfer for our fourth GBM.
09/15/2015:  Dr. Nick Al-Samra: Dr. Nick Al-Samra gave a seminar on the effects of climate change and extreme weather on power systems for our third GBM.
09/08/2015:  ResumeLab Demo: For the second GBM, we gave a demonstration/workshop in a number of useful and exciting IEEE member-exclusive tools, including ResumeLab, IEEE Career Expo, and the MentorCentre.
09/01/2015:  Meet, Greet, and Eat: For the first meeting of the semester, we gave new students and prospective members a crash course in what IEEE is and what IEEE has to offer them, including member benefits and this year’s projects.
04/25/2015:  General Body Meeting this Tuesday will include Project Reports and nominations for next semester’s open officer positions.
11/11/2014: Our general body and project meeting for Tuesday has been canceled. Enjoy your Veterans Day!
10/25/2014: IEEE Region 6 Southern & Southwest Areas Joint Meeting from 7:30am-3:00pm [FLYER]
10/21/2014: First project discussion and meeting at 6PM, GMCS 307 join us for information on how to get involved!
10/20/2014: Dr. Thomas English will be speaking at the general meeting on the topic of Global Warming.
10/20/2014: Teradata has donated $2500 and Northrop Grumman Corporation donated $1000 to San Diego State University IEEE.
10/09/2014: Dr. Larry Hinkle’s workshop is today. Also come join us as we celebrate our IEEE day. Happy IEEE everybody!
9/23/2014: Professor Fred Harris will be holding his matlab workshop in our general body meeting today. See you there
9/20/2014 The new IEEE SDSU website has been created.