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Rising Stars

A conference for upcoming young professionals hosted by IEEE, the compact event develops students into leaders. Various companies in Tech gather together at this event to seek for assiduous students to join their workforce.  These tech companies scouts students through the diverse set of activities they provide. These activities range from technical workshops to guest lectures.  IEEE seeks to get as many students as possible to be a part of this annual event. This highly engaging event provides boundless opportunities for students and all of the knowledge participants have soaked in will be regurgitated to the students back as SDSU through workshops. IEEE also seeks to develop relationships with these companies and invite them to prepare events at SDSU.  IEEE wishes to increase the diversity of industries invested at SDSU for the community.


State Hacks

State Hacks is a hackathon. This event encourages participants to use their creative skills to design a prototype that fits within the theme of the event. Not only will the participants learn the creative process, but will also become better engineers and designers as a whole. This event is a unique opportunity for SDSU students practice their skills and network. Students will become zealous in nature as they tackle their projects during the full day event. Not knowing the project theme before hand, the participants will be given a time frame to develop something. By the end of the event, participants will have come up with compelling project proposals and and a viable project.


Preparing students for their career goes beyond refining their technical skills. It also requires developing soft skills. Through our guests and workshops, IEEE provides students opportunities to develop as young professionals. These skills are essential to thrive in the workforce and can universally be applied to any career.

These events include resume workshops, guest lectures, and mock interviews.

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IEEE is dedicated to being a part of the community through volunteering. It seeks to provide exceptional educational lessons and community services to the San Diego State University and the greater San Diego.  Through working with local service organizations to apply technical knowledge, IEEE implements solutions for a community’s unique challenges.

These events include arduino workshops or hackathons at schools with k-12 students and volunteering at the San Diego Festival for Science and Engineering.

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Putting concepts into action, IEEE’s technical workshops provides hand’s on experiences and resources for students.  The lessons taught are free for any SDSU student. Many of these workshops are student led but a few are led by industrial professionals who choose to volunteer. While the focus is to create electrical and computer engineering workshops, there are other sessions that encompasses all technology industry practices. The hands on experience provides a door for students to learn and practice on their own.

A few of these events include PCB design, CAD Design, and cybersecurity.

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Develop friendships with other like-minded students.  IEEE collaborates with other organizations to create a stronger community at San Diego State University.  Through these socials, students from different fields interact with one another.  Creating an opportunity for technological innovation in other departments.  IEEE strives to build this synergy found out in the workforce at SDSU.

Our social events include hosting gaming tournaments and dining at restaurants.

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