Grad School

Getting a Master’s or Ph.D. in Electrical/Computer Engineering will not only increase your knowledge in ECE topics, but will also increase your potential for hiring, salary, and promotions once you enter the job market. There are a variety of amazing graduate programs at universities across the globe. To help get you there, we have put together the following general information.


Finding a Program

Between all of the varied choices around the world, finding the right program for yourself will be a long process but achievable. Start by searching the universities you know that have an Electrical Engineering program. Then check to see if they offer advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering, and if so, what programs they offer for the degree. Often times, a degree in Computer Engineering is given as an emphasis or program within the Electrical Engineering programs. If you don’t find a program that sparks your interest after searching universities you are familiar with, start searching universities on the other side of the country, and even on the other side of the world!


How To Get In

To get into domestic (US) programs, you will generally need each of the following: a 3.0 or higher GPA, GRE test scores, and three letters of recommendation. You know how to get a good GPA, but to take the GRE and do well, you will need to study the exam. Find some study materials at the bookstore or online, maybe some specialized tutoring sessions, then sign up for a testing session at the SDSU Testing Office (link). For more information on the GRE, visit the official website here. To get letters of recommendation, begin building relationships with your ECE professors and faculty members as early as possible, so that they will know you well by the time you ask for a letter, and then they will be able to write you a glowing recommendation.



UCSD: M.S. Computer Engineering, M.S./Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (all programs)

USC: M.S. Computer Engineering, M.S. Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Stanford: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Texas Tech: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. Electrical Engineering