Becoming an Officer

The Process

If you are interested in becoming an IEEE officer, visit our first few and last few meetings for the semester, as we will be putting out announcements for open officer positions at those times if there are any openings. You may also see an announcement of open positions in the weekly email updates. If you find an open position you would like, talk to a current officer to nominate yourself for the position. Then, we will ask you to attend the official election where current officers will vote on the next semester’s new officers. This election is typically done in the last few weeks of the semester. We have also incorporated a system in which new officers may become an assistant to a current officer for a semester and the following semester the new officers will take over the full duties and responsibilities of their roles. To become an assistant officer, please contact the president and the officer you would like to assist. Note that assistants are not allowed for the president or vice presidents. All acting officers are required to hold active IEEE membership. Becoming an officer is highly beneficial as it develops your leadership and communication skills which is key in becoming a valuable asset for any company.