Our Objective

The IEEE SDSU Micromouse team was founded to compete in the IEEE Region 6 Micromouse Competition. The team intends to instruct its’ members on various principles of engineering and expose them to the design and lifecycle of a product. A big focus was teaching students about embedded systems, maze-solving algorithms, and PCB design. The goal of the Micromouse team i=was to build a mouse that successfully completes a 16×16 maze. the team left detailed documentation for next year’s participants, so that subsequent SDSU IEEE teams will be able to improve upon this team’s design. The main purpose was to determine the difficulties of building a Micromouse firsthand and learn what will be needed to compete successfully.


Below is a picture of the desired micro mouse. The video links under it shows the SDSU IEEE  micro mouse and its attempt to follow a line and solve a maze.

Hackathon Poster