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Our Objective

The IEEE SDSU Micromouse team was founded to compete in the IEEE Region 6 Micromouse Competition. The team researches various principles of robotics and designs a viable product. A big focus is teaching students about embedded systems, coding in C, and PCB design. The goal of the Micromouse team is to build a mouse that successfully completes a 16×16 maze.

What is Micromouse?

Micromouse is a small robot that solves a 16×16 maze using sensors.

Are there competitions?

There are many events worldwide and a few are hosted here in San Diego. The competition we will be partipating in is the California Micromouse Competition. UCSD hosts this competition during their Robofest weekend in May


Competition Guidelines

Cost – The total bill of materials must be under $300

Size – The robot must be small enough to fit within a maze cell that is 18 cm x 18 cm. There is no height restriction.

Time – A mouse shall have 10 minutes, or 10 runs, total (whichever comes first). The 10 minutes shall start when the mouse leaves physical contact with the operator when being placed in the maze.

Communication – The robot must be fully autonomous, and no outside communication is allowed.

Maze Integrity – The robot cannot cause damage to teh maze or leave behind any debris in its path.


IEEE Micromouse Program

IEEE is assembling multiple teams to enter the annual IEEE Amazing Micromouse Maze Competition. IEEE will provide teams with mentorship, lab access, resources, equipment and funding. This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop and showcase their skills through a fun, hands-on, and interactive project.

Why you should join?

Through Micromouse students will…

– Work in a team of technology loving students to design, build, develop, debug and have fun

– Learn trending topics in the realm of robotics and AI research and their application in the industry

– Participate in competitions

– Showcase their project to visitors and company representatives at tabling events and competitions

Skills you will learn?

C Programming, Hardware Design, Logic Design, Floodfill Algorithms