Rail Gun Project

Our Objective

The purpose of this overall project is to begin a competition among the Greater San Diego Universities. This entails designing, modeling, simulating and building a fully functional RAIL GUN and then coming together to meet and compare the capabilities based on a set list of requirements such as greatest distance, highest velocity, and highest accuracy. In doing so it will allow students among different universities to come together and learn the phases of engineering a product from beginning to end. Just as in industry practices, there is competition among companies to create the best product in the market. Student groups will create the best prototype and then demonstrate their RAIL GUNS in competition against other universities. We hope that by creating a competition it will draw more attraction in surrounding areas that will one day in the future lead to industry sponsorship’s for the competition as well as possible networking and recruiting opportunities. If industry seeks the best future engineers then we hope we can provide them just that. By creating this competition we hope to empower and enable students to learn and grow as individuals and develop a necessary skill set that isn’t taught in the classroom but that will make them successful in their engineering careers.


Any questions or comments please contact Project lad Danny Tran at ieee@sdsu.edu.